The Internships with dolphins

For a knowledge of the sea life 

Ecovolunteer internship in the Red Sea

The NGO TURSIOPS created in 1993 studies the behaviors of dolphins who choose the contact with the mankind.
The last project called "Ethologie du Dauphin" consists of a research's work
of dolphins in the Red Sea in Egypt.
Since 2012, we  collect datas for  the scientific's research.
In addition, videos are  produced for the benefit of the NGO

 TURSIOPS organizes these internship with the dolphins Tursiops aduncus,
the eco-volunteer works consist of actively participating in this research
supervised by Eric DEMAY, specialist of dolphins since 1992.

By Eric DEMAY, Internship's  Director:
«We spend the week on a boat specially adapted for swimming in snorkeling (fins, mask and tuba). We sleep in the  lagoons in the very safety zone.
IMPORTANT:For the greatest respect of the animals THE TRAINEES ARE IN THE NUMBER OF 6 MAXIMUM on the week. We sometimes work with only 3 peoples!
I do not want  just a  "swimming with dolphins" where only the swimmers enjoy it, because the cetaceans deserve another approach, the quality of our encounter is our priority.
During a trip we have a 100% of chance to see the dolphins.
They  really come to us and sometimes they want a real interactions. My idea is to  meet the dolphins in the water by accepting their way of life but however respecting their vital needs, sleeping and hunting but sometimes as well their social interactions. My experience closest to them since 1992 allows me to better guess their needs and their moods."

French and English speacking on board.





The dolphins of Hurghada and El Gouna in Egypt are the species of Tursiops Aduncus. 

Of course, we have to adapt our behaviors for to respect the sea life.


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Datas collected




intersnships since 2012


Dates 2024:

-15 to 21 june 2024 included. FULL

-22 to 28 june 2024 included. FULL

-29 june to 5 july 2024. 2 pax availables

--4 to 10 august included. OPEN

-14 to 20 september 2024 included. 3 pax availables.

-21 to 27 september 2024 included.3 pax availables.

-9 to 15 november 2024 included. OPEN

-16 to 22 november 2024 included. OPEN

Price: 1500 Euro (All inclusive on board),  Foods beverages, Parc National's taxes, Transfert airport/marina included. Hurghada Egypt. 

Contact us and we'll send you a registration, and later a invoice if you need.

No flight included. Possible to buy the VISA at the airport in Egypt (around 25 US dollards).

The first day the boat stay at the marina, you can come any time, we leave the day after  and we stay on the sea all the week, we sleep in some very safety places in the lagoons.

We back to the marina, the last day around 3pm.




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