Swim with Dolphins

The NGO TURSIOPS was created in France in 1993. We work with years of knowledge studying cetaceans in France, Australia and Egypt and the data we collect, we share with the local Marine Biologists who are contributing to the conservation of cetaceans.

Since 2012, we have been working on a special program in the Red Sea in Egypt. We collect data from the boats including GPS, pictures of dorsal fins for identification and also in the water, very close to the dolphins. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to witnesses some new behaviors, which we will record in the form of videos and pictures. This provides a unique insight into the fascinating live's of cetaceans. Our goal is to protect the environment which the cetaceans inhabit as it under threat from various human pressures. During these trips, we learn will learn all about the various forms of marine  life that thrives in the Red Sea.

The eco-volunteers will join us onboard for a full week at sea, for a new kind of adventure where emotions mix with the beauty of the oceans. 

Our  mission

In the Red sea, near the city of Hurghada, there is a large pod of resident dolphins "Tursiops aduncus", which are a very fragile species. Our target is collect the maximum amount of data which describes their locations and behaviors; essential for their protection.

Among other methods, we clean the reefs from fishing lines, and we help the calves who have been injured by fishing nets.

NGO TURSIOPS (since 1993)


Any assistance we get is incredibly valued. We have so many young dolphins who have passed away because the fishing nets catch them. Currently our greatest need is access to boats - we often rent boats but we need to go out more, as this gives us a greater chance of the saving of the marine life. Feel free to contact us by email to find out what you can do to help. Donations are greatly appreciated and are accepted via PayPal.


Become a volunteer with the dolphins Tursiops aduncus for a full week. Every night, we stay in the lagoons very close to the cetaceans. It is a brilliant educational experience.


Eric Demay created the NGO TURSIOPS in 1993. He has worked with cetaceans since 1992 and has written various books about dolphins and whales in France and in Germany. His experince in this field benefits each volunteer greatly.

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Contact us

Phone Whatsapp : 33 6 62 76 96 56

Email : dauphinweb@gmail.com

Adress : 4 bis place barriere de lombez. 31300 Toulouse. France.


Association TURSIOPS created in 1993 (Prefecture Haute Garonne, FRANCE). 

J.0 N° 0041/1993. 

Code: 17193/004160011   

RNA: W313027718



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